When stocking muskies, the first thing you need to consider is the presence of Muskies in your body of water. If they are present, we recommend you stock the same strain to maintain consistency in your lake. If not, decide on a Pure Strain, which can reproduce under the right conditions, or the Tiger Muskie, which is a hybrid and cannot reproduce. In some states, the Tiger is the only type of Muskie allowed. Another consideration is the size of the fish you desire. The Tiger Muskie is a faster growing and more aggressive fish, but it does not grow as large as the pure strains.

About Our Muskies

We feature three different types of muskies for sale. Two varieties of pure strain, the Barred and the Spotted, as well as the Tiger, a hybrid of the Northern Pike and Barred Muskie. All are sold in lengths from two to twenty inches.

We take pride in rearing our muskies on a 100% all-natural diet in an all-natural environment from fry on up. This makes for a healthier, faster growing fish that has an excellent chance for survival once stocked in your lake.

Our Muskies are stocked as fry in mid-May, and over the first 5 to 7 days, are fed zooplankton. Next they switch to small Fathead minnows or sucker fry which are one half their size. In three weeks they reach a length of 2 inches. By July 4, the Tiger Muskies are 7 to 9 inches and the Pure Strains are 4 to 6 inches. These fish are fed large amounts of minnows until mid-September when the harvest begins. At harvest the Tiger Muskies are 12 to 14 inches and the Pure Strains are 10 to 12 inches.

Since our fish are reared under natural conditions in our rearing ponds and fed all-natural feed, we feel our fish will have a higher survival rate than fish that have been raised in a tank and pellet fed. Reports from fisheries agencies support our beliefs.

Harvest is conducted by partially draining ponds to concentrate the fish. They are seined from the ponds and put in smaller holding ponds, then loaded onto our truck for delivery.

These Tiger Muskie were stocked my Minnesota Muskie Farm, Inc. in 2008. Chad Fargher caught both on Canadian Lake at Otter Creek. One is 47" and the other 39".